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(Mush)room for Improvement? How Fungi is Disrupting the Food and Agri Tech Space (Newsletter #12)

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Why Mushrooms?

We are confident that fungi is one of the most underrated products in in agriculture. For centuries, fungi has been used to formulate some of the most fundamental items for human health and consumption. From penicillin to protein and packaging, fungi stands poised to disrupt the food and ag-tech space in 2018.

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Blockchain in Agriculture (Pt 3) – Startups & Investments (Newsletter #11)

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Blockchain for Ag: Startups & Investments

Despite its potential future implications, blockchain companies offering tangible results of significant scale are limited. That narrative carries over into agriculture, where blockchain startups are slowly starting to grow in number, though notable funding rounds remains to be seen. Supply chain companies have seen a lot of action in 2017, with 28 deals valued at $166 million in H1 2017, a 21% YoY increase.

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Blockchain in Agriculture (Pt 2) – Problem solving (Newsletter #10)

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1 Food Fraud

As the European example illuminates, food fraud can quickly become pervasive and costly. Counterfeit food producers generate approximately $49 billion per year, causing costs to consumers of up to $15 billion. Analysts estimate anywhere between 5-7% of the American food supply is affected by fraud.

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Blockchain in Agriculture (Pt 1) (Newsletter #9)

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The 2013 European horse meat scandal sent shockwaves radiating across the global food industry. A food safety executive’s worst nightmare, contaminated frozen meat infiltrated 13 different countries and over 25 companies.

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Plant based protein overview (Newsletter #8)

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Our earlier newsletters outlined the market opportunities for alternative proteins for both animal feed and human consumption in the form of insects.  Further, our last newsletter explored the possibilities for indoor farming in light of declines in the nutritional value of food crops.  

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