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(Mush)room for Improvement? How Fungi is Disrupting the Food and Agri Tech Space (Newsletter #12)

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Why Mushrooms?

We are confident that fungi is one of the most underrated products in in agriculture. For centuries, fungi has been used to formulate some of the most fundamental items for human health and consumption. From penicillin to protein and packaging, fungi stands poised to disrupt the food and ag-tech space in 2018.

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Alternative protein for human consumption (Newsletter #6)

The disruption potential of alternative proteins for human consumption

As we thoroughly discussed in our most recent newsletter, a separation between the demand and available supply of animal protein is expected to occur over the coming decades.

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Mind the gap: challenges and opportunities of agri-drones (Newsletter #5)


Our most recent newsletter highlighted the burgeoning market for agricultural drones, outlining their applications for precision agriculture, mapping/surveying, and crop dusting/spraying.  There has been a proliferation of drone manufacturing businesses and geospatial analytic drone software that seek to provide “actionable intelligence” to farmers and agronomers, attracting huge interest from tech-focused investors and accelerators.  

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The state of agricultural drones (Newsletter #4)

Introduction: Digitising Agriculture

Our most recent newsletters have focused on innovation occurring in the feed and food markets – the “Ag” in Agtech, to put it simply.  However, as this nascent industry gains traction and investment, it is important to remember that many influential Silicon Valley venture capital firms were initially drawn to the space as a result of technological disruption.  

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The food value chain (Newsletter #2)

How to unfold the industry

We thought long and hard about the way to approach the industry and we started with asking – how and where can we play an important role?  These and many other questions lead us to use the broadest approach to gain an understanding of these highly complex industries.  

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