Introducing the Food & Agri-Tech blog

Jeff Bezos, on being asked what is going to change in the next 50 years, replied:

“What’s more interesting is to look at what is not going to change in the next 50 years.”

1 Background

This view inspired us at Pendulum Advisors to look around and see what would be unlikely to change as we were struggling to understand new technologies and their impact on industries.   In the end, we decided that while many things will change over the next 50 years, people would still need to eat and drink, which lead us to Wageningen, The Netherlands, in June 2016, to visit a Food & Agri-tech (F&A) conference to understand the subject better.  

Since then, we have done a lot of work and research internally and have spoken to many companies, investors and other interested parties in this subject.  We have come to the conclusion that this field is really interesting and that we would like to share our research with interested parties in this field.

2 The problem

While many industries have embraced technology, we found that the F&A industry is far behind.  We further recognise a lack of communication as well as knowledge exchange within these industries, wanting us to make a change by sharing our findings and starting the conversation.

3 Plan

In the next couple of weeks, we will publish a bi-weekly newsletter to share information, insight and thoughts on Food and agriculture-related companies, people or trends that we have spoken to over that period, to start a conversation about this topic.  We will make sure that we keep it short and to the point – should you want more information, we are happy to share the details. Furthermore we will use this blog to curate older newsletters so that people that are joining later are also able to read the first newsletters.

4 Result

See this as a starting point of a conversation and our effort to share information and insights.  Please get in touch with us to get more information, provide feedback or share your opinion with us.  We are keen to learn and happy to talk.

If you want to be signed up to our F&A-Tech newsletter please do so here or contact me directly:

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